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About Bristol Forklifts

Since 2002 Bristol Forklifts Ltd has swiftly established itself as the largest provider of handling equipment and supplies in Bristol. Combining a sprawling offer of the latest products, impeccable customer service and competitive prices, we’ve been able to grow our business on the strength of reputation and word of mouth.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks In Bristol

We specialise in providing new, used and hire forklifts for clients across a range of industries including warehouses, distribution centres, construction sites, factories, airports, dockyards and stockrooms to name a few.

We are also one of the only exclusively licenced distributors of Mitsubishi forklifts in Bristol which puts us in a unique position to offer cutting edge forklift technology whether this is be increased ergonomic comfort, responsive handling or even rechargeable electric models.

Handling Equipment Specialists

As an experienced handling specialist, we also offer a comprehensive range of warehouse storage, shelving, workshop, office and racking equipment so no matter the requirement, we can provide a one stop shop solution for all of your needs.

Our philosophy is that no two customers are the same even if they work within the same industry. Every business has a set of process that align to their circumstances whether this be based on space, time, budget or output. This is why we’ve developed an offering of handling products that can suit a whole spectrum of requirements