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Reach Forklift Rental & Purchase

Setting The Standard For Top Performance

Mitsubishi Award-Winning Reach Trucks

Reach Trucks

With class-leading lifting capacity and travel speeds of up to 14km/h, Mitsubishi reach trucks are easily tailored to your needs with a choice of 2 performance modes. While experienced drivers will fully exploit the high-performance capability of the Professional (PRO) mode, new or inexperienced warehouse staff will respond to the Ecologic (ECO) mode which has been configured to work naturally and economically in any environment. For more specific needs, the truck’s settings can be customised by a service engineer.

A truck designed around the operatory, it has generous operator compartment. Mitsubishi Sensia drives productivity higher through its futuristic fingertip control system – the most sensitive, intuitive and accurate in the world. With its progressive, modulated fingertip response curves, it delivers a ‘feel’ and an accuracy that put drivers in total control. Together with the ergonomic armrest, Sensia EM ensures operators stay focused, safe and productive – even through the longest shifts.

5 Top Features

1. Passive Sway Control

Prevents delays on waiting for the mast to stop swaying, keeping operation efficient and workspaces safe. Combined with the industry’s most rigid mast, SENSiA is also available with the award-winning Active Sway Control (ASC) for unparalleled smoothness and stability.

2. Sensitive Drive System (SDS)

Sensitive Drive System (SDS) smooths movements, increases agility and adapts to the speed of operators’ foot movements, giving graduated performance. This intuitive driver-assist maximises both safety and efficiency based on velocity and steering angle.

3. Mitsubishi VisonMast

The revolutionary VisionMast gives industry-leading lift capacity and visibility while in use, with a clear view of the fork tips at all times thanks to this and the clear-view overhead guard of the cabin. Transitions between mast stages are also exceptionally smooth and give maximum control and stability.

4. Powerful, Efficient Motor

The powerful AC drive motor delivers rapid, smooth acceleration whilst maximising control and efficiency, as well as keeping operation noise low. With ECO and PRO modes, our reach trucks are ideal for both experienced and new qualified operators, settings can even be tailored to your requirements by our service engineers.

5.Operator work space

This machine was designed around the operator and due to our unique mast design has allowed us the largest, safest most comfortable cabin for a reach truck within the industry.

Reach Trucks

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