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Order Pickers

Optimising Your Picking Performance

Mitsubishi High and Low-Level Order Pickers

Order Pickers

The Award-Winning VELiA low-to-high-level order picker range, developed for efficient and productive order picking, is full of smart features. Living up to Mitsubishi’s impressive reputation, the range meets the needs of distribution centres and fast-pick applications, exactly.

Designed to take on any challenge a warehouse may present, the VELiA range combines versatile operating modes and operator-friendly features, to provide unrivalled picking performance. No matter what the picking height, the EM, ES and EX will excel in any application and deliver outstanding productivity. From ground level picking to 12m.

5 Top Features

1. Regenerative Braking System

Regenerative braking significantly reduces the amount of brake wear and gives effective control to the operator, by stopping any drive wheel jamming. Anti-lock brakes, on VELiA ES, also ensure safe stopping every time, even on slippery surfaces, for ultimate operator safety.

2.​ Sensitive Drive System (SDS)

Sensitive Drive System (SDS) smooths movements, increases agility and adapts to the speed of operators’ foot movements, giving graduated performance. This intuitive driver-assist maximises both safety and efficiency based on velocity and steering angle.

3. Operator Visibility

With a spacious and ergonomic compartment to maximise field-of-vision, operators can also make use of the excellent see-through panels. This reduces the risk of damage to the truck, whilst also increasing operator comfort and efficiency.

4. Operator Environment & Controls

A range of features, including step height, an easy access operators compartment and easy-lift design, make operation effortless and an ergonomic steering wheel offers smooth controlled movement, with ease. This intuitive design also increases productivity, efficiency and operator comfort. An operator presence sensor also increases safety, by immobilising the movement of the truck and its functions when the operator leaves their seat. This prevents any accidents caused by human error.

5. Energy Efficiency

With class-leading energy efficiency (14% lower than the nearest competitor) and a powerful AC motor, the VELiA range is capable of high drive speed and smooth, quiet acceleration, all at reduced energy consumption.

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