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Small truck, big performance


Red Diamond Distribution delivers Mitsubishi SENSiA ES light reach truck to UK industries.

The award-winning SENSiA range from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has expanded with the addition of the new SENSiA ES 1.4–1.6 tonne reach truck.

Designed for light and medium applications, the ES is built on the same outstanding technology that drives the larger SENSiA EM and SENSiA EX, reaching heights of up to 7500mm but in a more compact package.

It is available for hire or purchase from the Red Diamond Distribution network – the exclusive UK importers for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks — which has 18 outlets nationwide.

Total control

 The SENSiA name is known for its world-class ergonomics, and the range’s smallest entry has seen no compromises on that front. The cabin remains spacious and highly comfortable, keeping the driver entirely inside and well protected at all times.

An ergonomic adjustable high-comfort armrest allows a natural arm position with fingertip hydraulic controls. All key controls are easy to reach, and with the F2 button doubling the functionality for an incredibly streamlines, hyper-efficient workflow.

And with a choice of performance modes, operators of all experience levels are instantly at home with the highly intuitive setup.

ECO mode is suitable for new users, providing natural, measured handling and extended shift lift, whereas more experienced operators can switch to PRO mode and benefit from enhanced performance. While these are a starting point, service engineers will be able to quickly customise the truck further for any more specific needs.

Total confidence

Like every Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks product, SENSiA places reliability front and centre. With low maintenance requirements and high-quality construction, SENSiA ES keeps going through the toughest shifts. But should work need to be carried out, access to crucial components is fast and convenient, minimising downtime and ensuring the truck is back working as soon as possible.

SENSiA ES has the option of high-performance li-ion batteries which can be charged quickly and safely. With li-ion, there is no need to keep space-consuming spare batteries on site, and maintenance is simple thanks to SENSiA’s clever battery compartment design.

There’s a reason that SENSiA has become a mainstay in warehouses around the world. It’s a name that countless companies have come to rely on and trust with their crucial operations, and now that same SENSiA quality is available in a wider range than ever.